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As Ambassador Oren takes the podium the General Assembly empties until only a scattering of delegates remain: the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Panama and Paraguay.  It is as if a plague has entered the chamber in the form of one man, and the plague must be avoided at all costs. 

The plague seems not to care.

“Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Members,” Ambassador Oren begins. “It is now one week since the sudden, bloody and unprovoked attack on the State of Israel by four of its neighbors, Syria, Egypt and Jordan and Iraq, and by one distant self-declared enemy, Iran. Their forces now brutally and illegally occupy over eighty percent of the State of Israel, the same State of Israel whose borders were affirmed in 1949 by this very body. 

“In Israel’s ancient capital of Jerusalem, Jordanian and Iranian troops, through the widespread use of terror, including centrally organized mass rape and murder, have caused the greatest refugee crisis since the Roman expulsion of the Jews from their homeland 2000 years earlier.  The political leadership of Israel has been wiped out, either assassinated or missing. This includes all but one member of Israel’s parliament. Israel today is leaderless. In Jerusalem alone, 11,000 civilians are dead.  The principal occupation of Israel’s ancient capital is the digging of graves.


“Some four hundred synagogues have been destroyed, their holy scrolls burned in the streets.  Not content with destroying every trace of Jewish cultural life the Moslem invaders also burned or desecrated at least sixty churches.  Though some video has been smuggled out, the true scope of the carnage is as yet not known.  As in other areas under control of the invading forces, hospitals are closed to Jews, including women in labor.  


“Mass terror, organized, planned and executed, is the rule in every Israeli city but one.  Tel Aviv has so far not felt the imprint of one Arab boot.

“For those of you who see in this some sudden burst of compassion, be not deceived. The Moslem master plan for Israel is now clear. Even as I speak, Jews from outlying areas are being herded into ghettos in the major centers of population. Haifa, once a city of 300,000, now holds a million Jews. Beersheba, a city of 150,000, now holds 400,000. Jerusalem, home to one million Jews, now contains two million. In every case, Jewish civilians have no access to water, food or shelter. What they do have is access to transport.

“Fellow delegates, as I speak Israel’s own national railroad, now in the hands of a so-called Islamic Liberation Force, is being used to funnel all of Israel’s Jews into Tel Aviv, the one spot in Israel that remains unconquered.  Here they are forced to live on the streets and the beaches, surviving on shrinking reserves of food. Some eat grass pulled from the earth of public parks. Since the invasion, no ships have been permitted to bring aid to the starving people of Tel Aviv. For two weeks no milk, flour, fruit, vegetables have entered the ghetto. Electricity is limited to two hours a day and is expected shortly to cease entirely as supplies of coal dwindle and simply run out. Tel Aviv’s hospitals are empty of medicines, and soon will have no power. By the time all of Israel’s Jews are concentrated within the borders of what its residents now call Ghetto Aviv, some six million men, women and children will be concentrated here to starve or die of disease.  When the time comes the Moslem invaders will doubtless wipe out these survivors house by house, their bodies burned on the beach.

“Fellow delegates, yet again six million Jews will be killed, infants, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, to fulfill the hideous dream of Israel’s conquerors, to make of Israel little more than a dismal memory and its population a mountain of bleached bones.

“Fellow delegates, when Israel turned to you for support in defending against this brutal, cowardly and unprovoked attack, you paused, considered, pontificated, called for peace conferences, invited cease fires, but did little other than to make the sympathetic noises whose words will redound to the shame of the human race for centuries. You remain sitting on your hands trembling that the price of oil might rise one cent more, frozen in fear that the Saudis and their colleagues in OPEC might make your lives a bit less comfortable. Despite the solemn treaties, the lessons of history, and the certain knowledge that your own Christian countries too will soon fall victim to the same brutal aggression, you let it happen, and continue to do so.

“Fellow delegates, I ask you now to come to the aid of the State of Israel, now a city-state of the hungry, the thirsty, the homeless, the hopeless, the dying and the dead. Send your ships. Bring us food. Drop it from airplanes as you did to feed the people of West Berlin. Bring it by sea as you did to support the people of the former Soviet Union in World War II.” The ambassador seems now short of breath, or perhaps hope.  He pauses, searching the faces of the few diplomats in the hall.

“And then begin the sad but necessary evacuation of the surviving population, six million wretched refugees belonging to a people whose contribution to the world has never been exceeded by any other people, large or small. The people of the State of Israel are prepared to help build your nations, your societies, your homelands. Step forward now as you did not in the previous century when six million Jews were murdered. Please, I beg you, help save these six million.”

As if in relief that this accusatory monologue is over a sprinkling of applause rises from the handful of people in the vast space.  When he steps down from the podium the members of 184 other delegations re-enter the hall.  

The chairman of the General Assembly, a Norwegian diplomat who sees himself as an international civil servant, a genial friend to all, replaces him. “Thank you so much, distinguished representative of Israel,” he says with zero emotion, his face engraved with divine neutrality.  “I now call the distinguished representative of Algeria, followed by the distinguished representatves of Malawi, Iraq, France, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”


What if Israel loses the next war?  Author Hesh Kestin tells what happens when a second six million Jews are condemned to death after Iran leads five Arab armies in a brutal conquest of Israel.

The prize-winning author's daring new novel was pulped by its own frightened publisher after 13 Israel-hating tweets called it "Islamophobic." Is it? Decide for yourself: a new edition is now available.


"Scarier than anything Stephen King ever wrote," writes Stephen King. "And then the fun begins as Israel fights back! An irrespressible sense of humor runs through it. It's not satire I'm talking about –it's stuff like the cross-dressing pilot (my favorite character) and any number of deliciously absurd situations (the pink jets). It's the inevitable result of an eye that sees the funny side, even in horror. So few writers have that. This novel will cause talk and controversy. Most of all, it will be read."


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