"A !@#!%&#! masterpiece—war, passion, greed, fear, nobility and love’s perversion in the face of unfathomable reality. I actually did cry at the end!” —Ruthie Blum, The Jerusalem Post

"Magisterial. The language alone is sigh-inducing, like Scott Fitzgerald on crystal meth telling tales to Joseph Conrad, who would have wanted to steal the sensually exotic plots. Pure joy.” — Craig Karpel, Pajamas Media

"Hesh Kestin's novellas offer pleasures all too rare in contemporary American fiction: the pleasures of wide-ranging cosmopolitanism and historical sophistication." —Ron Rosenbaum, author of Explaining Hitler and The Shakespeare Wars

"Hesh Kestin has a deep understanding of human culture and an uncanny ability to people his terrains with mesmerizing prophets. If a well-lived life is a person's best defense against a fear of death, then in this absorbing book Kestin arms his characters and his readers elegantly for the battle.” —Marc Siegel, MD, author of False Alarm: the Truth About the Epidemic of Fear

Set in post-WWII Africa, Polynesia, and Hollywood, the three novellas that make up Based on a True Story reveal the roots of contemporary life in a world at war with itself. Bronze Medal for Short Fiction, Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2009.